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Day 263. in which Bob detects an imposter popsickle.

Dana and I used to go out every Friday night. Then, we had kids together.

These days, we rarely go out more than twice a year, without a kid or a Bob in tow - unless you count stopping at the Getty for a coffee and a scratch-off ticket as a 'date'...

I honestly don't miss 'going out'. Qualitatively, our weekends are better - and I remember them...

yahoos that used to be at our house every friday night before kids.

Tonight, Dana planned dinner out at a real restaurant for us - The Bowery Dugout - and I talked Kyrce into wrangling Grandpa Bob and the kids for a couple of hours.

Dinner was amazing! Calamari! Scallops and shrimp fra diavolo style! Lobster! Steak! [I did not eat steak.]

I looked over the table at Dana.

"Gosh. Do you feel bad that we left the kids at home with hot dogs and macaroni and cheese?"


"Yeah! Me, either!"
And we laughed all the way through dinner, celebrating a rare moment of parental freedom.

* * *

At the end of dinner, I was ready to go home. I missed my kids, and wanted to crawl into bed. Long gone are our late nights.

up all night in windham, new york.

All was quiet back at the homestead. Liam and Grandpa Bob had even been tucked in already! Kyrce was still alive and did not appear injured in any way. She gave me the run-down.

"They wanted ice pops and I gave them some but Seth thought they were really old?"

Ice pops. I had forgotten to buy ice pops? Old ice pops in the freezer? I was thinking..."Oh....! The Pedialyte pops!"

Kyrce laughed, "Ohhhh! That's why Bob said they tasted weird!"

popsickle connoisseur.

* * *

Thank you, Kyrce, for gifting me and Dana a couple of hours of freedom. Dana now owes you a couple of hours of Alex-time, of which we should spend over coffee.