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Day 152. in which we huddle for a karmic storm.

The last time I recall playing a board game was the last time we lost electricity. I think it was Payday? There's something about a storm that brings all of the family out of their corners and into one room together. Without anything digital. While Seth is far past any childhood fear of storms, the thought of being de-digitalized makes him tremble.

The storm didn't blow in until after dinner. And so even Seth, who rarely leaves the sanctuary of his bedroom after the dinner hour, made his way downstairs to wait for the storm.

There's nothing like a good storm to bring a family together.

We could hear the thunder in the distance but no one seemed impressed by it. It was clearly too dark for 6:30. There was a wind picking up so I thought I'd take the plants off the porch. I thought twice after I opened the door and caught glimpse of the sky. I rather it be my dahlias (which appear to be duds anyway) than me.

My obsessive compulsive nature led me to The Weather Channel. I must…

Day 151. in which Bob lectures Alex, and it is welcome.

It's been a really long time since I've had a lecture from my dear old dad. But tonight he had it stuck in his head that I needed to go back to college and get my degree (which I already have).

My father used to lecture me a lot as a kid, particularly in the car. And he knew every single back road in Columbia County so I heard a lot of them... We often rode around for no good reason - just to ride around. Of course, gas was much less expensive then. Usually, the radio was not played by law of Dad. I think he found it distracting. Instead, he would hum several bars of Starry, Starry Night over and over and over again.

"Starry Starry Night...dada dada dada da! dada dada dada da! da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da!"

He inflected every note of the song but never sang more than those first three words.

I was nearly 30 before I actually heard this song for real. I wasn't certain if it was actually a real song or if it was just something he had made up to hum to himself.

In-between hum…

Day 148. in which it is worth it.

When my father came to live with me, I wasn't prepared for the fact that he wasn't quite the same person that I thought of in my head when I thought of my 'Dad'. It was obvious that he wasn't well enough to live on in his own; he would sometimes call me over and over again. Sometimes he would relay what was on every channel as he clicked through with the remote control. He thought this very funny, actually.

Since he was an hour and a half away, most of my knowledge of his actions were second-hand. Even though Dad called me a lot on the phone, he was abstracted from my immediate reality. Because of this, in many ways, I thought of him still as my dear old Dad, just as he always had been. Ready to offer advice. Someone I didn't want to let down. Someone who would always tell me the right thing to do, even if I didn't realize it at the time...

Dad came to live with us a couple of weeks after Liam was born. Probably not the best time for turnover, but practical …

Day 138. in which we've been raiding so it was not a fail, after all.

Kyrce often entertains me during the commute to work with stories of her WoW adventures. Recently, she's become a 'guild leader' and most of our dialogues have been about the previous night's WoW raids with her online comrades. This is endlessly fascinating to me on so many levels.

First of all, it seems like an awful lot of project management work, just trying to organize a guild to the point where you can plan a raid. I need my down time to be down time.

Secondly, it's such a weird paradigm shift; my own mother's generation did needlepoint, talked soap operas and sold Tupperware. Though I could be guilty of stereo-typing... I don't recall my Mom doing much else? Actually, she didn't even sell Tupperware; she was just a consumer of it. Now Moms are playing WoW. Grandpas are playing WoW. Kyrce even knows of an adult father and son team. And of course, kids play WoW so Seth thinks Kyrce is just awesome. They speak the same nerdy language.

Game speak. Game s…