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Day 661. in which destitution falls upon the mighty.

Down and Out in Kingston, New York.

Day 648. in which I find a place I can afford to live in Upstate New York.

 Authentic + Affordable! How can I deny this authentic Upstate experience? At last, I found a place I can afford to live! I can't afford to buy a real home because I'm in publishing.  This cozy camper is one-of-a-kind! Located beneath the shade of a weeping willow tree, she stays cool all spring, right up to summer! Conveniently located next door to all amenities * , I'm ready to pack it up and move on in! An outdoor refrigeration unit is located conveniently next to exit! ** I'll keep my food cold all winter without the unnecessary expense of electric. Hear that, Niagara Mohawk? ConEd! Central Hudson! Down with the lot of you! A little duct tape will cover up the holes on the windows and doors. Once we get the padlock off the door, it's otherwise in ready to move-in condition .*** You really must see it to believe it! I'll have a housewarming as soon as I'm settled. *2 miles from a public restroom at a full-service gas station. **Ever

Day 643. in which we wait in the dark.

Last night, I found myself planted on the couch in my living room with a gummi worm hanging out of the side of my mouth. I wondered just how long before one of my little hell monkeys would wander by and notice? As a child, I maintained the false belief, as I suspect many children do, that my father was an infallible, rational being. Therefore, everything he said must be universally true and right. Father knows best. Now that I'm a parent, I realize how fallacious this belief was. I'm taller. I pay taxes. I've evolved but I'm still the same weird kid on the inside that I've always been. As I grew older, the world unveiled realities outside of my own microcosm and what this world reflected was that my own was more than a bit askew. My father had a lot of eccentricities that I never thought twice about until many years later. The ride home was quiet and still, highlighted by Bob's humming. It wasn't many years later that I learned 'Starry, Starry N