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Day 138. in which we've been raiding so it was not a fail, after all.

Kyrce often entertains me during the commute to work with stories of her WoW adventures. Recently, she's become a 'guild leader' and most of our dialogues have been about the previous night's WoW raids with her online comrades. This is endlessly fascinating to me on so many levels.

First of all, it seems like an awful lot of project management work, just trying to organize a guild to the point where you can plan a raid. I need my down time to be down time.

Secondly, it's such a weird paradigm shift; my own mother's generation did needlepoint, talked soap operas and sold Tupperware. Though I could be guilty of stereo-typing... I don't recall my Mom doing much else? Actually, she didn't even sell Tupperware; she was just a consumer of it. Now Moms are playing WoW. Grandpas are playing WoW. Kyrce even knows of an adult father and son team. And of course, kids play WoW so Seth thinks Kyrce is just awesome. They speak the same nerdy language.

Game speak. Game speak has a vocabulary of its own and I have to admit that I have a bit of a nerd history. White Wolf had a certain hold over me for a time and I used to participate in weekly role playing group sessions of Vampire - The Masquerade and my personal favorite - Mage the Awakening. In fact, I recall spending a lot of time at the computer lab in the middle of the night at college, before I owned my own computer, corresponding over gopher. He was running a campaign in California and I was participating in a campaign in Upstate New York. How could we get our two groups to play over the computer at the same time? I thought about smuggling my friends into the computer lab to play...How could we do this?

Had we only done something with these ideas!

Because of this, I know some common role playing terminology but I'm not fluent in it. I'm behind the times. From what I can gleem from this, what I would have called a 'botch', Kyrce apparently calls a 'fail'. I'm not quite certain if it's used as a noun. I'm not quite sure how to say it. 'You Fail!' or just 'Fail!' ?

Anyway, some of the raids have been a fail. See? It just doesn't sound like the word is in the right tense. Or something...? I dunno.

But Seth does. He was the first to tell me that Day 9 was a fail. Do you know what happened on Day 9? Me, either. Because I didn't write anything on Day 9. Day 9 was a fail. I didn't think it was a fail until Seth told me it was a fail and since then, what I thought might be a fun diversion has started to take on a life of its own. So with Seth's pronouncement of the big 'fail' on Day 9, I felt heavily burdened by something I might fail at again.

Tell me, when am I supposed to write a blog of this length every single day for the entire year? Is it before I get up at 5 with Liam? Or before I fall unconscious from exhaustion. and the laundry still isn't clean...and the coffee isn't set up for automatic in the morning (shudder)

Then i recalled the entire point of the blog was to capture all of the fun moments; I can't actually let working on the blog overtake the actual picture I am trying to capture.

It's fruitless. We spin around like hamsters in a wheel faster and faster until we stop from exhaustion, not from intelligence.

So I admit - I have a fail in missing the past 'x' amount of days but I had to do some living so I could come back to write about it. So all of those days I did not record, please know I was living.

And it was not a fail.