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The Day before Day 1.

Yesterday I woke up, ate some meals, did some chores, wrangled the children, developed a head cold, fell asleep. That's about it. Not anything particularly interesting, although I'm sure Lily or Liam did something cute, or Dad said something funny... If you asked me next week, I could probably tell you some general details, not because I actually recall anything, but because it's the same thing I do day in and day out.

A couple of days ago, I was in the bathroom with my daughter, Lily. She was still playing around in the shower, and I was peeking at myself in the mirror so that I could only see my eyes. I shrank down, and made it so I could only see my eyes in the mirror, and from that perspective, I was happy to find, I resembled the person stage I had been 10 years earlier.

Not that this was the best part of the moment.

The best part of the moment was, as I was inspecting my reflection in the mirror, my daughter started belting out this great Dan Zanes song she likes, "Catch That Train...". She bellowed it out, completely out of tune and delightfully unabashedly, "Catch that Train, Catch that Train", over and over again.

Now, she is only 2 years old, so she doesn't know many other words to the song. And her singing voice is just horrible (somewhat deep, and off-key, like my own). But it was still the best song I had heard in a long time, perhaps ever.

I realized I didn't want to forget this moment.

But in a day, and over a week, and through the months, and into the years, I will sadly forget so many of these moments. I am afraid I already have.

So, in the new year, I endeavor to try to capture some of those better moments in the hopes that next year, I will remember the year as a history of these beautiful moments, and less about the unfortunate moments that we tend to use to mark the years - the "Thanksgiving Dana had appendicitis" or the "time(s) Grandpa was missing last Summer" or the "New Year's we lost Erin".

Instead we will remember the Thanksgivings we were all together, the funny time Dad told us Jesus wouldn't let him sleep in his bedroom, and all of the memories we would have had of Erin, had we not forgotten them.

The good ones, not the bad ones.

Let 2008 begin!