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Day 238. in which irony is lost upon the owner.

In what universe is it less obnoxious to yell at someone over an intercom 'no talking on cell phones!' than the actual person talking on the cell phone?

I am not a fan of cell phone use in public, particularly restaurants, but I'm not a Nazi about it, either. Dana embarrasses me immensely when he answers his phone and starts talking on it when we're out somewhere. It's not so much the cell phone that is annoying. It's Dana talking on the cell phone that is annoying. Dana seems to think that it is necessary to yell into a cell phone - because his hearing is poor and he can't hear the caller, it follows (for him) that the person he is talking to is also hard of hearing.

I called Dana so the kids could say goodnight, not realizing he was out at a restaurant having dinner. Dana can't resist answering his phone anytime that it rings, even if it's inconvenient for him to do so. I, on the other hand, have no such qualms. Mine is often on silent or abandoned altogether.

Even though Dana answered my call, he immediately said, "I can't talk right now. I just got dinner...oh, hold on a sec..."

One of the wait staff interrupted our call, directing him to get off the phone; no cell phones allowed.

"...I've got to go. Someone just told me I had to get off the phone. I'll call you after dinner," he said, sounding humbled.

Dana hung up and I returned to wrangling children.

Dana called me after he left the restaurant. He sounded agitated and complained about how lousy dinner had been. It had cost twice as much as the night before (when he had lobster and steak), and the food at the Dock simply wasn't very good.

He said that he hadn't noticed the signs until he was on the way out that read: "No screaming kids, no cell phones...".

He also said that after he had hung up, a voice boomed over a loud speaker, announcing the no-cell policy for everyone to hear: "NO CELL PHONES!"

I would have more respect for this establishment and its policies, if it were not for this action, which I believe was far more disruptive than Dana's cell phone vibrating and the two sentence conversation which ensued.

* * *

I googled the restaurant, and apparently, the owner has blog of his own, where he applauds his policies on cell phones and crying children. Looks like the restaurant has been open for quite a long time, so apparently, there is some charm to this establishment. Dana said there were a lot of 'weird things to look at' there, though he hasn't told me yet what these weird things are...

If you like to look at 'weird things', this is the restaurant to visit while in Montauk.

But if you're looking for a pleasant atmosphere or good food, you might look elsewhere.