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Day 330. in which no subjects yelled, but objects were launched.

The proprietor of Hudson Coffee Traders is awesome, indeed! He kindly acquiesced to my demands for a larger 'Alex' sized cup of coffee!

One evening, an anonymous comment was posted on my former blog - Day 188 - simply asking, "What size would give you the caffeine boost you need?"

I called Kyrce on the phone almost immediately.

"What size do you think would make the 'perfect' size coffee cup? Ideally? What did they used to have at the Citgo before it shut down?"

This was very important. Just recently, I had ingested the largest size cup available at Hudson Coffee Traders by the time we hit New Paltz on our commute to USR. Two stops on the way to work wouldn't work, if we were ever to be on time!

Kyrce is great because I can call her and ask her stupid things and she doesn't suggest they are stupid. We discussed various coffee sizes available at various vendors and settled on 20 ounces.

20 ounces is the perfect sized cup to get you from Hudson Coffee Roasters in Kingston, New York to Pearson Education in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Wonderful, blessed coffee!

And so I replied to the anonymous query on my blog, praying, hoping it may come to fruition!

The next time I walked into Hudson Coffee Roasters, the proprietor presented me with the new, 20 ounce cup of coffee. It was like Christmas!

bliss in a cup = 20 ounces.

I was so excited that I spilled half of the cup all over all over their beautiful floors! Ack!

It hasn't been 'officially' launched yet but it's available! So be sure to go in and ask for an Alex-sized cup of coffee!

There are many pleasant things to write about Hudson Coffee Traders. Kyrce and I agree it's the highlight of our day. No one yells at you if you spill stuff, and the French-pressed coffee is amazing.

And while I never thought the combination of apples and raisins blended into chicken salad would taste good, it does! I'm glad they sold me on it because it's a new favorite! so be certain to grab one of these tasty sandwiches while you're in there! I like to eat them for breakfast...

Make sure to scoff at the Dunkin' Donut consumers from the other side of the street, too. Bleah. Half the fun is mocking those who can't appreciate a dark roast. Heathens! (that would be you, mark!)