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Day 347. in which, apparently, dinner was not satisfying.

"What I would like is a piece of ice, something that would make me hungry right now for at least two hours...oh well..." Bob sighed. "Such is life."
Dad and I are sitting on the sofa, enjoying a surprisingly sedate moment. Any moment in my house that is sedate is a surprise. I can hear Lil and Liam pestering Dana in the kitchen. He's breaking open pistachios for them - a tedious chore. Seth is upstairs, being his reclusive teen-aged self. I'm poking around online while Dad is chattering. He's peering over my shoulder at the screen of my laptop, resting in my lap on the couch. We already ate dinner, and are lazying about in our pajamas.
"Why is it that when you are hungry, you are really hungry? but that when you're not so hungry, you're not. It just seems so strange that it is this way. I mean, I was just wondering what I was going to be eating tonight. not that I'm going to be eating tonight... because it's just too cold to go out there like that, you know?... I don't know. I can't think of anything that's going to be...well, we'll just have to wait...I want a...I want a, something really nice and warm to my lips tonight. "
A few moments later...
"What's for supper?"
Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand what Dad is trying to get across to me. Other times, it's rather translucent.