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Day 154. in which the intern avoids third-degree burns.

3 out of the 5 days of the work week, there is a coffee incident inside of Kyrce's car which results in either of us spotted, if not covered, in coffee or the car sustains upholstery damage. Since we only commute 3 out of 5 days of the work week, this means there isn't a day the two of us share that doesn't result in a coffee incident.

Perhaps worse than this is the admission between us that the highlight of our entire day tends to be stopping at the Citgo for Green Mountain Blueberry coffee. I really need to get out more...

Now, we have a new rider to frighten - the intern.

She has to be a bit crazy because she's riding two hours a day to work with us! And she worked with us last summer so she knew what she was in for before she came! And yet she still came! The crazy girl came back two years in a row to work with me!

She must be crazy!

But she is also awesome!

So, on the first day of our intern's return ('Intern', may I use your real name?), I felt it would be a nice way to break her in if I tripped and threw my cup of coffee all over her in my fake office. Let me tell you, this girl is snappy! She moved swiftly out of the way as my coffee fell towards her, as if she knew I was going to do this.

Oh, did I say she worked with us last summer?

Once, back in the good ol' days when I could still walk to work, I was out with some of my work comrades, going to Annie's for some Monkey Joe coffee. (James, remember this?) As I was strolling along, I tripped over my feet and fell flat on the ground. It was incredibly painful, embarrassing and funny, all at the same time. Much like the rest of my life...

Smooth. Smooth Alex Brown.

In my defense, the sidewalks are crumbling in Uptown Kingston...