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Day 166. in which Liam is nabbed.

This morning we were wrangling kids early, trying to get the kids ready for the Farmer's Market in Uptown Kingston. Dana, Lily, Liam and I were wandering around the bedroom, passing each other in circles, as we tried to pull ourselves together. I was looking for my missing Teva; the kids only ever move one on me...Dana was rifling through his top dresser drawer, searching for I don't know what? Lil was tucking her Tigger into bed and Liam was looking for a button to push.

Liam doesn't have a chance with Lil around. She will tell on him at every opportunity. Neither Dana nor I had noticed that Liam had gotten a hold of Dana's cell phone and was busily pushing buttons. He's an avid button pusher. It's irresistible to him.

He didn't have long to push buttons, though, before Lil blew his cover. From the other side of the bedroom, she yelled, "Quick! Get him! He's calling the cops!"

Not something I expected to hear my not-quite-three year old daughter to blurt out...