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Day 156. in which our autophobic carpool is the highlight.

This morning when I got to Kyrce's house this morning, I was met with a gift! Kyrce had been digging around, sorting through some of the things she had stored away in her parent's attic when she came across this old canceled library book. Knowing my petrification of riding in vehicles, she thought it would appeal to me. The book was titled The Man Who Loved Bicycles - Memoirs of An Autophobe and was written by some guy named Daniel Behrman. It has this great jacket on it with some beautifully wonky illustrations of bicycles. I was checking it out the entire ride in this morning.

"Wouldn't it be funny if the guy who wrote this book got run over by a car while riding his bicycle?...That would be ironic!...But I don't know...if I was that guy, I think that'd be the way I'd want to go!" I said. Perfect proof that his book was on to something.

Most of our dialogues entirely meaningless, which is really what is so great about our carpool. I hear some carpools actually talk about work on the way in! Egads!

(Yeah...OK...I can't lie...we do that, too...)

I think the first time we had the Intern in the car, we ended up talking about serial killers and the best/worst way to die. This wasn't entirely random...I was telling them about some bizarre story CNN was reporting about a 'smiley man' murderer...truly bizarre...

Death is probably an appropriate topic of conversation for the carpool because we are either on the thruway or Rt 17 at any given moment on our commute to USR - on either one, death is imminent. I think we were only nearly murdered by idiot drivers twice on the way into work this morning; it was a good morning.

Kyrce and I sang The Smith's song Panic. The damned chorus - 'hang the deejay' has been stuck in my head for weeks, even though I haven't heard it in a million years now. Kyrce sang a couple of others. There's no functional radio in her car and she has a lovely voice.

"You know this morning, there was this televangelist on TV? and he was saying that '98% of the time that people make decisions based on money, it is wrong'. I mean, how the hell can you even say that? How do you measure something like that? Why do people need to throw in statistics like that? They aren't founded on anything! What the hell? Where did 98 % come from?"

And I don't think he is right, either. But it's probably not a shocker that I wouldn't agree with something a televangelist had to say. I probably should mention that Liam was playing with the remote control, which is why this atrocity was on in the first place.

Kyrce seemed to be thinking about this. "I don't know," she said, coyly, "I think if I had to go back in time, I would base all of my decisions on 80's heavy metal songs."

This degenerated into a conversation about some god awful band 'Warrant' - did you know that they came out with a song about global warming?

Yeah! I know! Neither did I!

We discussed our mutual hatred of free verse poets, what stupid thing Dana said last night, and drank even more coffee. We analyzed humanity and dreamed of escaping!

And then our car ride came to an end, and with it, our fun for the day.

Now I need to go find out what happened to Daniel Behrman.