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Day 182. in which there is French-pressed coffee.

A moment ago, I walked into the house and was struck by its awesome silence.

It actually seemed peaceful. The curtains were breathing in and out against the screen as the ceiling fans quietly whirred. Not one footstep could be detected and that horrid box in the living room, often blaring mindlessly away, sat silent.

Better yet, I held a hot cup of French-pressed coffee and a cranberry-orange muffin from the new place in Uptown Kingston - Hudson Coffee Traders. They serve coffee from Counter Culture. This may be the best coffee I have ever consumed in my entire life. This has eased my distress over losing the Green Mountain blueberry coffee from the suddenly-closed Citgo. (That's a whole other story...)

I checked Dad's spot on the couch and found him absent.

Dana and the kids were out already. Seth is on summer vacation, so he was sleeping in. I'm a bit jealous of that.

But this is nice. I'm sitting in my house, with a cup of blessed coffee, and it is both quiet and peaceful.

This is not always so.

My week from hell started over a week ago now, on June 23. If I heeded Dana's beliefs about 'jinxing' (which I do not), I would believe that I had jinxed myself on Sunday night when I said that this is probably one of the most important weeks in my career at Pearson. I have a number of critical projects with due dates approaching and it is important I am able to focus on this primarily.

I will spare all of you the gruesome details of particular battles, but in the course of a week, I have:

  • tended high fevers
  • washed, dried, folded, and put away 24 loads of laundry
  • made black bean enchiladas (they were awesome)
  • managed to get 3 kids under the age of 3 asleep at the same time (this is awesome, too)
  • managed the creation of 30 eBooks
  • debugged programs
  • maintained my status on Facebook
  • hand scrubbed the deck
  • shadowed by my father, who has Alzheimer's
  • answered ~ 300 emails
  • cleaned a pool
  • carried a sick and goopie Liam (who was crying for Dana) while doing most of this.
And all of this while I was ill.

The culmination of my week from hell ended last night at dinner when I yelled at Liam, "Hey! Stop hitting your Grandfather with the venetian blinds!"

That's when I about lost it, and just had to laugh.

There is nothing more absurd than my life. You just can't make this stuff up.

My free time is over now. Probably this is the last free time I will have for at least a week. Maybe that's good? I mean, how many of you really appreciate stepping into your house and finding it quiet? That's all it takes for me...