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Day 188. in which an epistle to the Coffee Traders is composed; hear our cries.

Kudos to Dana for going out on Saturday and Sunday, especially to fetch me coffee from the new place Uptown with the French-pressed coffee. I don't say much good about him here, so I should give him credit for this. :)

The problem came up over the weekend, actually. Quite a dilemma, really.

The large cup of coffee at Hudson Coffee Traders is not large enough.

Initially, I thought I could overlook this. But I realized over the weekend that I pretty much run on coffee. I like to see how many days I can go by without eating and without sleeping, just running on coffee.

(That may be how I recently ended up very ill...)

It's a bit much to ask Dana to fetch me two coffees...that seems excessive. Though he did bring two home to me on Sunday, and I didn't even have to ask. I guess he could see the desperation in my eyes.

Today, it was another problem for the commute. I had to order 2 cups of coffee just to get me to the office. Totally absurd? Totally necessary.

Especially on a release day!

So I took 2 minutes out of my morning to send the proprietor an email. I had already made the suggestion in-store but I don't know if they know how serious I really was about the larger coffee cup.

I am very serious about coffee. Serious enough to send an email to the owner.

I could bring my own travel mug, but I'm rather lazy about these things. Ask Kyrce. She has had my travel mug with the literary figures on it under the passenger seat of her car since September 07.

By lunch time, I felt like I was vibrating. My stomach ached from not eating and the two cups of glorious coffee I had consumed on the commute. Two full, large cups of French-pressed coffee may be a bit much without nourishment of some kind. But a yummy bit much.

Perhaps if I send them a 20 point epistle on the need of a larger coffee cup, they'll name it after me.

Or they'll get a restraining order against me!