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Day 190. in which you were born.

Last night, your Mum and I ate too much pizza. She deserved it, though. Do you know she actually worked late last night? It's true! Your Mum not only worked up until the day before you were born, but even worked late!

Your Dad and I sat outside for awhile, a bit late last night under the moon and stars. Your Dad and I used to do this a lot. We used to take walks around Kinderhook late at night when we were kids, pretending to be zombies walking down the street. There wasn't much else to do in Kinderhook, as a kid...I'll show you how to this, too, when you get big enough.

As we waited at the hospital for your arrival, I received a call from your Uncle Dana telling me your Grandpa Bob was on the loose. He had escaped while the house was still asleep, between 3 am and 6 in the morning. I was panicking a bit at the hospital. Too much pizza eaten too late the night before. You were on your way. Work kept calling me. And Grandpa was on the run!

Thankfully, your Grandpa was found on the neighbor's porch steps around the time you were being born! Two happy announcements! Found Grandpa, new niece!

There is a never a dull moment in our family. You'll learn that before too long.

But for right now, it is time to rest and enjoy you.

Congratulations, Rob and Christine!