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Day 12. in which Alex awaits Seth's return.

Seth doesn't believe me, but if he could see me now, he would.

Anytime Seth leaves home, and I've been telling him this for years, I wait for his return on the steps outside our home, sobbing, waiting for him to return.

It's quite cold outside tonight. Probably about 28 degrees Fahrenheit. There's a crescent moon in the sky. Lily was concerned that it was falling on our ride home from Evie's (the babysitter) last night, but it seems to be sticking in place, thankfully. Fuzz is in the house screaming. Fuzz is Seth's cat. He's had her since he was around two years old (Lily's age now). She always howls when Seth is gone.

I am wearing my blue and white pajama bottoms, the fuzzy slippers Andrea and Andrew gave me for Christmas, and a pale yellow t-shirt that reads "I Rather Be in Rio". This t-shirt is a ready-made "Golden Boy". I love that you can purchase completely thin, worn-out t-shirts brand-new. (Boy, that's a lot of that correct???

My nose is cold!

I'm wrapped in Dana's Grandpa's blanket. It's not doing much against the cold. Sitting on the porch is awful. I can feel the cold cement easily through my jammies and blanket. I might have to sleep on the inside steps soon. That's what I used to do when we lived in Fairview Gardens. Remember, Seth?


I can't wait til Seth gets home. I wonder what he is doing now. Probably not reading my blog. But if you are, I love you and I'll see you tomorrow! Love, MOM.

P.S. Come home soon! It's freezing out here!