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Day 2. in which Liam is sick and we nap.

A napping Lily.
A napping Lily.,
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I'm hopelessly addicted to CBS soap operas - in particular, to As the World Turns. I hate to admit this publicly, and I think it goes against my nature, but it's true. There. I said it. I love soap operas.

Now, it isn't soap operas as a genre that I am in love with, and I wouldn't start watching a new soap opera. It's for a couple of reasons that I tune in daily to As the World Turns. As a small child, after lunch, my mother and I would retire to the living room, where we would curl up together on the couch, and she would watch soap operas while I napped. It's one of my fondest memories of relationship with my mother, which unfortunately, has become a bit distant over the passage of time. Mostly, I would nap. (I have always been a lover of naps.) But other times, I would lay quietly with my mother and follow the storyline, as much as my little mind could grasp. I even remember when Iva from As the World Turns when she was Nola on the Guiding Light! (Now, she is on neither of them.)

After 33 years (another unfortunate truth exposed!) of watching the program, whether actively or inactively, I am deeply invested in its story. I have watched Lily (no, I didn't name my daughter after her- it is purely coincidental) and Holden since they were teenagers, and Holden was merely the stable boy that Lucinda plotted against to keep her daughter from.

How can I simply stop watching now?

And with this, my daughter is cozied up on the sofa, sleeping to As the World Turns now... Liam, the sick child who is actually in need of a nap, is currently bashing his poor Grandpa with a toy broom... It's relatively quiet now, and the shows running in the background have a way of making me feel like it was just yesterday that I was cuddled up with my own Mum. Where does the time go?

By the way, I think it notable to mention that Liam is mostly walking now. I voiced my suspicion yesterday to Dana that I think he has been walking for awhile when we are not looking, and so, we have began 'catching' him more frequently. The gig is up.