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Day 7. in which Alex returns home alive from USR, and sees Chuck Norris.

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Today was one of those days in which both seemed to never end and yet which passed in a whirlwind blur. From the moment I get out of bed in the morning to the moment I collapse in the same spot, I am in motion. The days in which I have to commute to Upper Saddle River, New Jersey for work are killer.
And Mondays, in general, are not a good day for me. I feel like over the weekend, I forget what I do for a living, and it takes me a good day to get back into the rhythm of what is happening. I am a creature of necessary habit.

The ride home, as always, was a fun adventure with my co-worker, Kyrce. Kyrce and I often talk passionately in the car about all the things we would like to say at work, but can't. Once, she drove past the Kingston exit because we were so into the conversation. Although right now, I couldn't tell you what that conversation was about! Poor Dana was ready to rip his hair out from the kids that night, and had called when we were near New Paltz. When he called again, sounded rather desperate, I was actually scared to tell him we were riding around in Saugerties, trying to get back to Kingston...Kyrce was cackling in the background...I think Dana thought we were off having a good time! Anyway, as draining as the commute can be, Kyrce makes for an entertaining companion. If I had to do it alone, I would likely be out of a job by now.

It always seems like a miracle to me when I either make it to USR alive, or make it home alive. The ride itself can be completely terrifying. Rt 17 in New Jersey, to me, is far worse than riding in the most horrible roller coaster you can think of. I almost want to kiss the ground every time I arrive at work, and find myself still alive.

However, coming home and finding my family happily playing inside put a good end to my rather horrid day. Dana had already fed the kids, and everyone was smiling. Sometimes, I'm a bit nervous riding home, wondering what situation might await! With such a big, weird household, you never know...So, anytime I walk in the door, and find everyone in relatively good shape, I breathe a sigh of relief.

And this was one of those nights. Unfortunately, by the time I get home on these days, I'm pretty much putting the kids in their jammies, and tucking them into bed. But we had a little time to play together, and that was nice. And Lily actually spent the entire night in her bed without being witchy about it, which was really nice...It's hard to sleep with a toddler foot in your face...

Right before bed, Dana and I stopped in Seth's room for a bit, which is always fun. He was working on his Chuck Norris video tribute...yeah, it's pretty funny, and I'm enjoying watching him work with photography and video. We laughed so hard that I'm surprised we didn't wake Dad up. This was what I saw right before I went to sleep. You can check it out here.

And on that note, goodnight!