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Day 17. in which Alex is saved an hour of life.

Occasionally, I am home not a half hour late, but an hour early!

This is due to yet another blessed co-worker, Lanette, who has helped to keep me employed by helping transport my person to work. She doesn't quite drive; she hovers over the thruway in her super-speedy Audi. You would think I'd feel terrified, given my misgivings about driving in general. But because the ride is so much smoother than the Ford Focus or Kyrce's Toyota Camry, it's actually less frightening to do 90 in that then it is to 65 in ours.

Dana was overjoyed to see me walk through the door. He was holding Liam in his arms, and opened the door as soon as Lanette pulled into our driveway. Lily came out on the porch and started yelling, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" I have to admit, I felt greatly loved right then.

In what seems like many moons ago, Lanette used to drive me from our old office on Wall Street in Uptown Kingston (Ah! those were the days!) down Lucas Avenue to an apartment complex in which I used to live. While the exercise certainly never hurt me, I found it a big of a drag to walk home at the end of the day (although far less of a drag than it is to ride home from USR at the end of a day...). Walking into work wasn't so bad, but at the end of the day, you just want to arrive magically home.

On a regular basis, Lanette saved me a good 25 minutes a day by giving me a ride home. In 5 days, that adds up to 125 minutes, or ~ 2 hours. In a month's time, this would add up to about an 8 hour day. The math could be off here, as my math skills are wretched, but you get the gist...

Particularly now, in which I rarely have five minutes alone (even in the bathroom!), I value this time.

And this night, I was not simply kissing Liam, tucking him into some pajamas, and nestling him in for the night. We actually had a good hour of play so that I felt like I wasn't just visiting my son for a few minutes. The hardest part of the commute is the time missed with the kids.

I owe Lanette not just for rides, but for hours on my life! And who knows just how much time I have left. These hours could be very precious, indeed!