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Day 19. in which family comes to visit!

Today was so busy, I thought my mind was going to implode.

Liam woke us up around 5:30, which was good, because the family was already arriving before I had a chance to finish cleaning. Although I don't think in our house there is ever a moment when the house is totally just drifts between degrees of cleanliness since there are always residents in action. I can pick up the living room, and have it completely destroyed by toddlers within fifteen minutes. Neither Lily nor Liam can resist the temptation of dumping out the container of blocks. It's one of Liam's favorite games. He dumps them all over the floor, and swipes his hand back and forth over the top of them very quickly to help scatter them. I guess it's just the opposite of the game I play, from his perspective. He gains more satisfaction dumping them, and for some reason, Mommy likes to play it the other way around.

There were 6 children in total: Seth (not so much a child), Patrick (my nephew from Rob), Lily, Addie (my niece from Stephanie), Colin (my nephew from Stephanie), and Liam. There was a great deal of chasing, bashing, screaming, ring-around-the-rosy especially the falling-down-part, bopping each other with plastic bowling pins, making pretend tea not to be shared with younger brothers, bottle-stealing and various forms of child wrangling. Above all of the toddler chaos was some kind of Christian rock ballad about Jesus that Seth and Uncle Rob put together...don't even ask...and Dad looking at me rather desperately from time to time, silently begging me to restore some kind of order. Oh, yeah, and we ran out of toilet paper.

I swear I could feel my brain melting at moments. Cells were popping as I tried to distinguish which kids was doing what when where...

I miss all of my family, and I really wish I lived closer to my brother, Rob, and his wife, Christine.

However, I am also really looking forward to summer when we can ship the kids outside to play!