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Day 31. in which Alex regrets the era of instant communication.

We just replaced the cell phones that broke last Fall. Our household has this curse with cell phones. We just can't keep them in one workable piece - Dana being the worst with this. Seth once brought one of mine into the pool with him, forgetting it was in his pocket, although that was several cell phones ago now.

We lived a season without cell phones. Getting a new phone seemed like an entirely good thing to me. Being an hour and a half away from work now, it would make it me seem a bit closer to home.

However, I had forgotten this distance from home is sometimes not a bad thing...I feel like an evil mother saying this, but at the same time, the one good thing about going to work is it can act as a respite to the ruckus that generally accompanies small children. It's also sometimes nice to find out after the disasters after the disasters have been resolved. However, Dana uses it entirely differently, and feels a need to report every new little incident at the homestead.

Before I made it home that day, I learned:
  • what Dana had eaten for lunch
  • that we were out of dish soap
  • that Lily kept ramming Liam onto the floor
  • that Seth had helped wash the dishes

None of this, as you can see, is particularly earth-shattering. And this information was dissipated over a series of phone calls, not just one!

I prefer the in-person, end-of-the-night, kids-in-bed rundown.

Unfortunately, that time of the day appears to be reallocated to Dana playing Pool Pro Online on his new cell phone...

Somewhere, there must be a happy medium.