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Day 63. in which we do not nap.

Yesterday morning I was snuggling with Liam on the couch. Lily was laying with Dana on the floor. We had all fallen asleep watching Little Bear...very comforting show. I have even watched it myself before bed, all by myself.

Heh..."All by myself"...I hear those exact words frequently from Lily now...she's frustratingly independent for her age. It's like her age in years has not quite caught up with the age in her mind. I remember Dad saying that about me as a kid, but I was a teenager then. Independent. Stubborn. Double jeopardy being that her father has these qualities, too.

Dad had dozed off, too. He does that on and off through out the day. It sounds like heaven to me now, but honestly, being retired should be more than taking naps - as delightful as that sounds. I know Dad would have wanted to do more. After seeing how hard he worked all of his life and how hard it was raising me and my older brother, he certainly deserves more now. It isn't fair... (Lily says that a lot now, too.)

Dad woke up before the rest of us. I could hear him trying to get our attention but I was half asleep and hoping he would stop before he woke up the babies. I heard him make the circle from the living room through the dining room, through the kitchen, back down the hallway creeping creeping creeping, back into the living room.

My eyes were still closed. But I could feel him staring at me.

He cleared his throat a few times loudly.

I squished into the couch, cozying up closer to Liam, but never opening my eyes. I wanted Dad to know that I was alive, just sleeping, so he wouldn't be scared and he might be still.

So...what's everybody doing in here?

Dad cleared his throat again. No one said anything. Only I was awake still but I didn't want to encourage him. I could sense him settle into the love seat across the room. I dozed back off again.
But not for long.

Is that you?

I raised my hand in the air and waved my hand at him somewhat frantically. I could feel Liam starting to squirm next to me. Again, it was still in the room...for half a minute.

So what do we do next?

"Jesus, Bob!"Dana woke up to find Dad on his hands and knees on the floor next to him. He had leaned down to whisper into Dana's ear, "So what do we do next?"

This is funny to me because as a child, my Dad had advised me on the proper way to rouse a sleeping person. You were supposed to stand far enough away from the person - far enough that if they reached out to hit you, you wouldn't be hit. I don't know who he used to wake up in his lifetime, but apparently, he had experienced something bad.

Dad had a lot of warnings...most of my paranoia about cars and my irrational fear of driving stem from the stories he had contrived as "examples" of why not to do something...ah, but this is fodder for a different blog!

Anyway, Bob did it. If Dad didn't wake up the kids, Dana did from his surprise at waking with Dad crouched over him. I've been in this situation myself so I know how unsettling it can be to wake up to. It's something you can't imagine until it happens to you - imagine Bob Brown looming over you as you slept!

Alas, this post was not about Monday; it was another one about Sunday. Let me tell you that Mondays are my least favorite day of the week and generally not worth posting about. Kyrce and I bunkered down to work in my bedroom from our work-from-home day so we can stay out of view of Dana and Dad. Unfortunately, there were no naps...though Dad did drop in this afternoon to lay on the floor next to us for a bit.