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Day 88. in which we wait in Woodstock.

It rained today. Since it was not a good day for roofing, Dana was able to give me a ride to my doctor's office - Maverick Family Health in Woodstock. I've been trying to get to the doctor's for quite some time now. It's tricky that I actually have health insurance but no time to actually put any of it to use.

Generally, I'm usually feeling like I'm about to die before I make it to the doctor's.

The doctor's office is a nice one to visit, although they do have a bad habit of making you wait quite awhile. I don't typically mind because I am aware of this and my doctor spends so much one-on-one time with you, once you see her, that you appreciate why she is running behind schedule.

But the one frustrating thing about waiting is that you spend most of the time in the second waiting room and the second waiting room isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the first waiting room.

The office itself is nestled into the woods on Zena Road in Woodstock. The inside has high ceilings and is open. The office walls have framed photographs of Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and other quintessential Woodstock folk, some of them autographed and all of them apparently taken in Woodstock. I like that. It amuses me that there are photographs of hippies on the wall of my doctor's office instead of the typical, generic, framed art hanging in most other offices. You know - the kind of crap that you buy off the back of the 'Starving Artists' trailer expo.

Unfortunately, I only get to sit in this lovely waiting area for a few minutes before the nurse calls my name, weighs me on the scale, takes my vitals, wishes me well, and then closes the door. I am left in a square room on a hard plastic chair. There is no reading material, the walls could use some fresh paint, and the art is awful. I want to crawl up and take a nap on the examining table, but I always feel weird about that. Unless I have been directed to the examining table, it just seems improper to climb up there and go to sleep, though I have done it before. I'm tired but I decide to wait it out on the chair.

The room is very square.

If I don't get out of here soon, I'm going to lose my mind.

Once I was left in here for over an hour and I actually did leave. The doctor called and apologized to me later for making me wait, saying she was sorry she could not see me. I thought that was sweet and I felt bad that I hadn't waited it out.

Dana is waiting in the 1st waiting room, playing pool on his cell phone. It'd be nice if I could wait out there, because then we could chat. I take out my cell phone and try to challenge him to an online game from where I am waiting in the 2nd waiting room, but he's already playing someone else. I challenge him a few more times but the message keeps coming back, telling me he's already playing someone.


How long would I be in here?

I looked at the pictures on the wall again. Some close up photographs of blades of grass. Not the worst, but eh, not Bob Dylan.

I was thankful that Andrea was watching the kids. I can't imagine waiting in here with two toddlers crawling all over everything, although it'd be nice if Seth was here to chat with me.

Honestly, I am not even sure why I've come to the doctor's. I can't be sick. I don't have time.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were as simple as making a decision like that?