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Day 74. in which our fantasies give way to practicality.

This bed meets the rigorous Alex Brown criterion for a bed. This may be the one.

  • fairly priced so that if my kids break the slats from jumping on the bed, I won't need to strangle them (though I might, anyway).
  • ships for $1 from so that Dana and I aren't cursing at each other fitting into the car.
  • is low enough to the ground so that if the kids fall off, it won't require a trip to the ER.
Tomorrow night, we go to physical stores to see if we find something we prefer to what we've found online. Honestly, I can't see going to many stores with Dad and the kids in tow...if there wasn't an internet, I think we'd all be wearing rags and furnishing the house the Bob Brown way, with Xerox boxes!