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Day 84. in which Lilith wears princess shoes.

Lily was given a pair of plastic 'princess' shoes for Easter from her Grammie Barb. These shoes aren't anything I ever would have picked out for Lil to play with. She's a bit rugged and I'm her main female role model - and you know how I am about shoes. Shoes should be functional. Comfortable. Practical.

But I don't think I should deny Lily the opportunity to explore her feminine side, either, and let her don a 'pretty' pair of 'princess' shoes.

Tonight, we watched Shrek. Given Lily's love for all things monsters and dragons, I suspect this will become a favorite. She decided she wanted to be Princess Fiona and went downstairs to fetch her 'princess' shoes.

She brought them back to the bedroom and set them on the floor in front of her so that she could slip her feet into them. I was surprised by her balance as she slid her little foot into each shoe without holding onto a piece of furniture. I wasn't sure if I could do the same...At 2, she seems to naturally have this ability that at 33, I have never been able to master. Must come from the Soechting side.

She looked down at Dana's bare feet and exclaimed, "Daddy! Where are your princess shoes?"

She didn't say this to me, though my feet were bare, too. She said this to Dana!

Even Lily knows my feet don't belong in princess shoes.