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Day 79. in which we have a happy lunch!

Today I was sitting in the cafeteria at lunch when my phone vibrated. It was Dana.

I'd love to tell you that Dana had called for some important reason although even those one could deem 'important' typically aren't, now that I'm situated in New Jersey for work. I consider this a positive, actually, as many household crisis need to be solved without 'Mom Intervention'. When I worked in our Wall Street office in Uptown Kingston, I was only a few blocks away from my residence. Invariably, I would get called for any mini-crisis that occurred. These calls were often something that could have been figured out without me, but since I was so convenient, I was often brought in to oversee the decision.

Dana once called me when his truck was overheating to have me look up online for him what he should do...Another time Andrea showed up at work because Dad had gotten out of the house and she was nervous about calling the police, since they had returned a wandering Dad a couple of days prior... Seth often popped up after work in search of ice cream or strawberry milk money.

Far too convenient.

James, my friend and colleague, said, "Wow! I've been reading about these phone calls! and now I'm here to witness one! What did he call to tell you?"

I smiled at James and poked at my food sheepishly, "Yeah, that was Dana...He called to wish me a 'happy lunch'".