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Day 66. in which that is some kind of magic trick!

After dinner, I was tidying up the house and carrying out the cans to the recycling receptacle on the front porch. Despite what everyone in the house thinks, the cans are not carried out to the bin by magical faeries.

I disposed of the cans quickly. But I hid outside for a minute to get some quiet and compose my mind. You steal time when you can get it around here.

I came back up to the door and before I could even put my hand on the door knob, the door was opened from the other side. Standing before me was Dana with Dad close behind him. Dana had a smile on his face but Dad looked stunned. His eyes were wide open, as if he was shocked to see me standing there.

"How did you do that!?"

I was confused. "How did I do what?" I asked.

"See, I told you, Bob! I told you I was psychic! I could feel she was coming through the door and look at that! She did! I'm a psychic!" Dana announced, laughing.

"By God! You are! That is some kind of magic trick!"

Then we closed the door, locking ourselves in for the night.