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Day 78. in which Seth is missing.

Seth left on Sunday to get away from his family for a few days. Generally, he accepts anyone's offer to get out of our house for a few days. Not that he doesn't love his family, but if you lived in our house, you would completely understand why its inhabitants desperately need to get away to anywhere but here occasionally.

So, school breaks generally mean no Seth. :(

I immediately realize this for many reasons. My laptop cord isn't missing. The dishes are piling up in the kitchen sink. The cats are wandering around the hall upstairs outside of Seth's door, crying longingly. There is no one singing ridiculous songs loudly in the kitchen nor is anyone around trying to talk me into something silly, like putting peanut butter on my waffles.

It's boring.

Lily didn't notice that Seth had disappeared until today. Being a toddler, this isn't unusual and shouldn't be taken personally since by nature, they are generally self-centered creatures. When she did notice, however, she was quite dismayed.

She had wandered down the hall to peek into Seth's room. In truth, I suspect she thought Seth had just not left his room in a few days, as he spends so much time hiding away there when he is home.

"Seth is missing!" she cried as she peered into the dark room, no computer light to pierce the darkness.

Her little mind tried to remember when she had seen him last?

What had happened to him? Did the monsters get him? A dragon perhaps?

We are all ready for Seth to come home, even if Seth himself is not!