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Day 80. in which Bob remembers and Alex forgets.

Last night, Dana and I came down after everyone was tucked in upstairs. I was getting something to drink when Dana remarked that I ought to pay more attention when Dad is taking his medication before bed. There was a small yellow pill placed directly on the center of the stove top.

What a sneak! How did I miss that?

I had been especially careful to watch him when he took his medicine earlier that evening, because lately I had noticed that he would miss one. With kids in the house, this is particularly dangerous. I needed to be more careful to make sure he was taking all of his medicine. Dana was right (this time...)

Like tonight, it wasn't noticed until after Dad was sleeping in his bed. And waking Dad up when he's sleeping is just plain stupid...especially since he takes this pill to help him sleep.

Dad! Wake up! You have to take your sleeping pill!

Dana headed back upstairs and I picked up the pill to put it back in its container. However, after opening the bottle and dropping the pill inside, I realized that the pill was not the same color as the others.

I hesitated for a second.

What the...?

The pill wasn't Dad's. It was mine. Dad had not forgotten. I had.

But it's so easy to blame it on Dad...