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Day 102. in which we long to jump the iron fence.

Vacation is almost over and I'm already beginning to anticipate next week with a certain amount of dread...

But - it's still vacation. So enough about that.

I have developed a love for photographs of urban decay. I haven't fully evaluated why this is but it's a fascination I've been fostering. Last night, while poking around Flickr, I found this photo which gave me the geebies. It's this photo of an old, dilapidated brickyard in Kingston. (Since it's not a photo I actually *took*, I don't want to post it on my blog so just follow that link...)

Just looking at that picture made me tremble. I like trembling. It reminds me that I am living.

I got the shivers. It made your imagination run.

Dana and I - all alone - for Dad was with Andrea, the babies with Evelyn and Seth at school - drove down to the Strand along the Rondout. I wanted to poke about and take some of my own photographs.

Yup. Dana and I have a moment alone and we go to snap photos of decaying buildings and machinery...God, we're getting old.

We came across this terrific Trolley Museum which I didn't even know existed. I'm not even certain if the Trolley Museum itself is still open and active. That strikes me as funny. An unmaintained museum of time gone by - you can enjoy it on two levels! (I'll have to look this up...)

Unfortunately, there was a tall black iron gate, locked, between us and the trolleys. We couldn't get any closer. (I took what I hope to be some nice B * W shots here, too...but they are being 'developed'!)

Dana remarked how easy it'd be to climb over the gated fence.

"I can get you in there..." he said easily.

I thought about how much fun it might be to poke around back there and get up close to take some neat photographs...but wondered who would watch the children and Grandpa Bob if we were arrested?