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Day 114. in which new techniques in hair design are suggested.

Poor Liam can't say too much yet. Mostly, he just parrots random words that we have taught him.

Basketball. Monkey Boy. Quack Quack. Sky.

His vocabulary isn't developed enough to respond one way or the other to the queries Lily poses to him. I suspect she views his silence as acquiescence.

We were out in the back yard grilling when Liam climbed up into his parked stroller. Like the son of a roof monkey that he is, he climbs everything. At 1 and a half, he has even mastered scaling the baby gate, which I think is quite impressive.

Tonight it wasn't the climbing that most concerned me. It was what I overheard Lil say to her little brother as she was trying to strap him into his stroller.

"Baby, would you like to go get a hair cut?" she asked of him as she struggled with the belt on the stroller.

Liam just smiled his dopey smile and watched his sister curiously. I was glad they were entertaining each other as I watched them from my camp chair. I like when they are playing nicely together. Perhaps she was pretending to take her baby to the barber for a hair cut?

This was when I heard Lily say, "I'll go get a knife to cut your hair..."