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Day 99. in which we Freecycle.

Day 5 of my vacation. I'm cleaning closets and the attic and sorting through boxes of toddler clothes. I have an addiction to containerizing and organizing things. I often reorganize things repeatedly. It's truly an illness.

Today I freecycled. I tried to be creative about my posts:

I have a box of books I would enjoy watching leave my front porch in one swoop!

Nothing too exciting in here but I bought them all at one time or another in the past decade, so they can't be all that bad...

Here's a sampling:

The Consolations of Philosophy: another gift. someone gave this to me because they knew I studied philosophy, so they thought any book on philosophy would do apparently. (does that sound mean?)

Anne Tyler: The Accidental Tourist (pretty sappy, bad movie made out of it, had to read it for a class)

Civilization in the West: textbook about 10 years old now for Western Civ.

Lips Together, Teeth Apart: just about the worst play ever written.

The Nectar of Instruction: some book I picked up during this weird phase of my life.

Gabriel Marcel The Philosophy of Existentialism: I have outgrown the existential phase, too...

The Rugrats Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Milk: Not worth saving for my toddlers but OK if you have a ten year old.

Agatha Christie: The Labors of Hercules. Bought it for a class. Never read it. Failed the test.

The books have been donated to the used bookstore on North Front Street in Uptown I hope he finds all of them a good home.

I have decided anything that goes untouched for 12 months in our house is going to get freecycled. Honestly, if you haven't touched it in 12 months, you're not going to miss it, ever.