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Day 33. in which Seth cheats at Tetris.

I just checked my gamer home page on the Xbox web site. I now have one friend (Seth), and my score is now 15! This is very exciting for me.

Seth is so scared that his old Mom is going to beat him that he feels a need to try and distract me while I'm playing Tetris. I could feel his fear. He kept talking to me about unrelated things, trying to get me to look over at his side of the screen, and when this tactic didn't work, he'd pause the game to show me something random right when I was doing well to throw off my focus.

What I didn't realize until the very last couple of rounds was that he was actually cheating. He wasn't playing Tetris the old-fashioned way in which I could surely beat him. He was pushing up on the left hand analog stick. I'm not sure what this does exactly. It seemed to make things fall more quickly for him. I tried to imitate this but it just clogged up my side very quickly. I can't process as quickly as Seth can, and he knows this, so he uses this secret trick to his advantage. When I caught on to his tricks, I demanded he stop, and play old school style so that we would be on a level playing ground, and I could beat him.

But I found that his deception had so riled me that I couldn't focus at all now.

I'll beat you yet, Seth! Cheater!