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Day 40. in which we eulogize the rise and fall of a Chia Head.

We had lofty goals for our Chia. When Seth first started soaking his head, we thought we'd take a photograph of him everyday to document his development. At the end, we would make a slide show out of our collection. The best laid schemes of mice and men...

We eagerly witnessed his growth from seed to sprout. We speculated on who he looked the most like, and determined he resembled Seth's father the most.

Even after Seth had suffocated the poor Sea Monkeys, the Chia Head lived on. Seth did his best to nurture his Sea Monkeys, but he accidentally murdered them. They would never grow big enough to play soccer, like they did in the comic book advertisements. While trying to give them some fresh water, all of the Sea Monkey sludge that had grown on the bottom of the Sea Monkey growth container came rising up the sides and suffocated all of the Sea Monkeys. I imagine this must be akin to how it felt to be in Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted.

During his lifetime, he was an excellent model for photography. He was far more cooperative than any of the children. He always had a smile on his face and he would never look away from the camera.

We wondered what he would be when he grew up. Would he be a spice? Would he be a sprout? We admired him for his plentiful hair and his Buddhist-like serenity. His hobbies included sitting on the kitchen table and drinking water. He aspired to become a plant.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short by an unexpected illness. During his brief battle with water toxification, he always carried an outwardly air of contentment. It may seem to you strange that this was seemingly how the Sea Monkeys had met their demise, but no foul play is suspected.

Seth reports he has two incarnations left.