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Day 43. in which Alex finds harmony.

I got up this morning looking forward to going into the office, despite the long commute. I've actually come to enjoy the commute, mostly because of my companion and nothing to do with the ride itself. It's a gruelingly bleak ride, particularly in the winter when the scenery is looking rather dead. We have an hour and half on the way in for Kyrce to analyze my life, and an hour and a half on the way home for me to analyze hers. It's far cheaper than seeing a psychotherapist, and likely far better, since we know each other so well. Since we also both share the same position at work, we tend to face similar conflicts and issues as well, which certainly adds a degree of authenticity to the table.

I hadn't really left the house since I had come home from work the previous Friday, so I was really starting to get stir crazy. Leaving the house in the winter with three kids, Grandpa, and Dana can be a bit overwhelming. Just the act of getting everyone and everything in the car can be daunting. So, we are all a bit struck with cabin fever, waiting for the thaw when we can walk to Forsythe Park or the Farmer's Market Uptown again.

Unfortunately, when I called Kyrce this morning, I found her voice to be barely recognizable. The worst had happened. Kyrce was sick! We decided to flip-flop our work from home days since she was ill. Besides, I had to go in tomorrow for a couple of group in-person meetings.

I found myself strangely surprised at how disappointed I was to not be making the commute with Kyrce this morning. And even more was I shocked to realize I wanted to go into the office!

Don't mistake my cabin fever for a lack of love for my family. I just love them more when I have a chance to get faraway enough from them so that I can think them up in my mind when I'm having a bad moment at work. And vice versa. These relationships maintain a certain equilibrium in my life.

This is really an epiphany for me! Despite my occasional angst with work and child wrangling, I have actually found the perfect balance between work and home!