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Day 34. in which Liam and Lilith define their nature.

Today was one of those few lucky days in which Dana and I were able to sleep in. Liam woke up around 5:30, and Lily around 6, but both of them nestled into our bed, going back to sleep until almost 7.

Sunday mornings are meant for lounging. I have no idea how people can go to church on Sunday mornings. If God exists, God would certainly not want any part of this. Surely, he would be a lounger, too.

Liam and Lily slid out of bed, and were ready for action before me and Dana. So, we laid around and watched them play together. It's a lot like watching TV, only better content and occasionally, it is interactive as the kids bring us toys to play with while we loaf.

Across the room, I watched Lilith as she valiantly battled a fire-breathing lizard-dragon using a make-believe sword. And I watched Liam as he swept the floor with a toy broom in one hand, clutching a tea pot in the other.

Just like Mommy and Daddy? :)