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Day 42. in which Alex and Kyrce share the internet.

Dana is likely part of the last generation who will be able to exist parallel to the digital age without being intrinsically tangled inside of it.

Fascinating is that he and I have been together for years, all of which I have been attached to a computer for at least an hour for every day of this time. What I do at work for eight hours must seem particularly enigmatic.

Monday is a work-from-home day for me. I have two days a week of which I can work from home. This is a mixed blessing. While I love and adore my family, I love and adore them even more when I get away from them long enough to realize just how much I love and adore them. It's much easier to be amused by a toddler jumping up and down on your back if it's an infrequent event.

Kyrce and I sometimes work together at my house since we share the same work-from-home days. Dana isn't usually home when we do this, but was on Monday because of the bad weather - not ideal for roofing.

I came into the kitchen where Dana was preparing breakfast, "Hey, Kyrce is going to be here in about 15 minutes. She's going to work over here today. Her internet is down."

" she can come over here and work?" Dana sounded puzzled.

"Yeah, sure, why not?" I asked.

"So, what? You can share the internet?"

I find this statement, spoken with a bit of incredulity, both fascinating and endearing in 2008. Dana may truly be the last of the dinosaurs.