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Day 47. in which the Cyclops Heart with the shank-shaft stitch finds its way home.

The Cyclops Heart.
The Cyclops Heart.,
originally uploaded by sleepjunky.
Seth and I missed in each other in passing on Friday evening. He left to go Uptown to Tony's Card Shop, a local spot where the kids gather on Friday evenings, while I was still on my way home from USR. We had a brief meeting in the kitchen after he came home on Friday night, but it wasn't until Saturday morning that I was presented with the Cyclops Heart. The Cyclops Heart (see Valentine's Day blog below) was conceptualized and handcrafted by my son, Seth, for his dear old Mum.

If you look very closely at the image, you'll note that Seth used a shank shaft stitch to sew on the button. Being that I have no sewing skills whatsoever, I'm not certain what this means exactly. However, I know it gave him a higher grade from his Home Economics teacher than he would have received had he not used this stitch. It's apparently very important when sewing on buttons. Maybe this is why all of my buttons fall off shortly after I sew them on.

I can't say I've ever received a Cyclops Heart before and likely I never will again. But if I do, this will always be my favorite one.