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Day 46. in which Lilith becomes a spider.

Dana and I retire early, even on Friday nights. We're generally in our bedroom by 8 and unconscious by 9. Oh, our wild nights!

I was lounging on the bed with Lily and Dana when Lily decided she wanted to climb up the walls. This was partially my fault. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but in truth, I was laying on the bed, stretching out my leg so that my foot was resting on the wall. I used to get in trouble for doing this as a kid, and as unsophisticated of a habit as it is, I can't seem to break it.

"But Lily, you can't climb up the walls. You're not a spider."

"Not a spider?" she repeated back to me, raising her voice to a high pitch on the word 'spider' so that it ended in a squeaking sort of noise.

"No. and you're not Spiderman."

"Not a spiderman?" She seemed to be thinking about this a bit. "Mommy! I'm going to be a spiderman!" With this, Lily jumped off the bed and went running over to the easy chair where I had some folded laundry piled on top of it. Among the laundry, she discovered Grandpa's construction-orange knit winter hat and a black bra of mine. She donned the bright orange hat which fell over her eyes, in the style of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. She struggled a bit with the bra but finally got it hanging over her arms.

"Look at my web! I'm a spiderman! I'm going to climb high up the walls now!"

She bounced back onto the bed, this time on Dana's side, knowing he's usually more up for gymnastic events than I am. She leaned forward on her arms, and started climbing backwards up the wall with her feet until she was nearly in a hand stand position.

She looked completely but wonderfully ridiculous.

And Dana started laughing excitedly, "Hey! That's what I did as a kid! I used to do that!"

There is no way my parents ever would have let me do that as a kid! I mean, I was hollered at just for putting a foot in the wall. My Dad would have had my head if he saw me climbing up the wall! Part of me really felt like I should be doing something to stop this ruckus. We certainly shouldn't have our feet on the wall. But it was funny to me and Lily was making me laugh.

After a minute, we had to put a stop to it for safety reasons, anyway.

It was a fun Friday night.